Safety Matters

Dear Families,

We Care

Deer Meadow Primary School has begun what we expect to be another exciting and rewarding school year. We look forward to your student(s) being successful and happy at school. We believe you as parents have a major role in your child’s educational success. Your continual interest and involvement in your child’s progress and success is vital.

One way to prevent concerns from arising is to clearly communicate expectations. Our school has reviewed our discipline policies and plans in order to make improvements. The improvements we’ve made focus on our positive behavioral expectations of all students. More than ever before, we will be clarifying and the communication our expectations of what a safe and positive learning environment looks like. The expectations for all Deer Meadow Primary School students have been identified as;

  1. Cooperate 
  2. Accept Responsibility
  3. Respect others
  4. Everyone does their best
  5. We Care!!!

We have been working hard to improve upon the many successes we had last year and to continue to ensure that our school is a learning environment where safety, doing our best, accepting responsibility, and respecting others prevail. Our staff has worked hard to define each expectation and will teach this to all students. This has resulted in a series of lessons, where all students will have ongoing opportunities to learn what “WE Care” looks like in the different parts of the school. We look forward to working together with you to ensure that your child has a successful and happy school year.

Mike McHugh, Principal