Deer Meadow

Welcome to Deer Meadow Primary School

Deer Meadow Primary is an accredited school, serves approximately student body of 325 students. The school has two Preschool classes, four Kindergarten classes, four First grade, and four Second classes including students with special needs ranging from gifted and talented to those with disabilities. Deer Meadow Primary has student programs and activities available to students.

Student Programs & Activities

  • Box Top Challenges
  • 50 Nights of Reading
  • Reading Count
  • Fast Math
  • Student Council
  • Fall Festival
  • Book Fair
  • Bingo for Books
  • International Night
  • Literacy Night
  • Science Room
  • Outdoor Wetland


Technology is a resource for teachers, students, and parents with voicemail, email, and twenty-five computer labs that are networked to student’s mini-computer labs in each classroom and Library/Media Center. Each classroom is equipped with a Media PC and presentation system allowing teachers to use technology as an interactive instructional tool. The school subscribes to United Streaming, an online video and image presentation media library that can be accessed by teachers through their media presentation system and readily shared with students to enhance curriculum. Deer Meadow administration and staff are dedicated to provide learning which maximizes the learning of each student.

Home/School Partnership

Deer Meadow depends upon a positive Home/School partnership to provide quality education for its students. Parents are provided the following types of communications.

  • Deer Meadow Family Picnic
  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Weekly Take Home Folder
  • Deer Meadow Deer Tracks
  • Positive Communication with Parents
  • Student Progress Reports
  • Midterm Reports
  • 9-week Report Cards
  • Voicemail
  • Email

Deer Meadow parents support school activities through the PTO, which provides volunteers for classroom help, Reading Count, Book Fair Literacy Night, Field Trips, Winter Festival, and Fundraisers.