School Wide PBS

School Wide Positive Behavior Support

Ridpath and Deer Meadow Primary Schools have implemented a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support System (PBS). PBS is a set of strategies and systems designed to increase the capacity of schools to (a) reduce school disruption, and (b) effectively educate all students including those with problem behaviors. PBS utilizes research-validated practices and has clearly defined outcomes. Features of PBS are as follows:

  1. Establish regular, predictable, positive learning and teaching environments.
  2. Teach and model behavioral expectations.
  3. Improve social competence.
  4. Improve social competence.
  5. Develop environments that support academic success.

Research shows that punishment stops the behavior in the moment, bud does not show that it results in long-term behavior change. Ridpath and Deer Meadow teach and model expected behavior and systematically reinforce appropriate behavior. This is one way we strive to improve social competence in our students, and as a result improve behavior and school climate.

In the event that a student does misbehave, Ridpath and Deer Meadow utilize a framework for dealing with problem behavior. When a consequence must be given we, again, work to improve social competence. We do this by making a concerted effort to help students realize that all behavior is attached to a consequence, either positive or negative.

This is a work in progress as it moves us away from the old model that largely assumed that students should already know how to behave appropriately. Therefore, the largest amount of attention was paid to the children who misbehaved. The PBS model teaches expected behaviors and encourages teachers to spend the largest amount of energy regarding behavior intentionally reinforcing the good.

Just as we are working toward mastery in academics no matter where the students are when they come to us, we are working toward mastery in the area of social competence. Our goal is to help all students in this area. Another goal is that they would realize their ability to create their own positive school experience e as a result of applying the skills they are learning through PBS.

*PBS is an Indiana School Improvement Grant initiative lead by Dr. Rob March