Home-School Liaison

Home-School Liaison Mrs. Joanna Muncie Phone 765-653-3518 ext.604 jmuncie@greencastle.k12.in.us


About the Home/School Liaison

What exactly does a Home/School Liaison do?

-Assist parents, teachers, and administrators in helping students

-Conducts classroom lessons for all students

-Career and College exploration

-Provides individual and small-group sessions

-Crisis response

-Coordinates school-wide prevention programs and character/social skill education

-Collaborates with outside agencies

-Co-coordinator of the Response to Intervention (RTI) team

How would a student see me?

-Teacher referral

-Parent referral

-Student referral

Why would a student see me?

-Help with social skills

-Help with behavior issues

-Help with study skills

-Help with new situations

-Help with family concerns

-Help with any other type of school problems


I am available to assist both parents and students.  You can call me at 765-653-3518 ext. 604 or e-mail at jmuncie@greencastle.k12.in.us


Program information

Our philosophy is to support the academic, social/emotional, and college and career development of all students.  We are a PBIS school.  Our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach by establishing the behavior supports and social culture needed for all students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. 

Fun Links For Students

 Our PBIS Skills for the month of September: 

  1. How to be a good friend

    -be a good listener

    -share/take turns

    -help them

    -be nice, be kind, be patient

    -say “I’m sorry” when appropriate

    -treat others the way you want to be treated

  2. Listening/Give me Five

    -eyes on the person who is talking

     -hands in your lap

     -feet on the floor

     -lips zipped

     -ears hearing what is being said

  3. STAR cheer and its meaning will be         worked on throughout the year.

     S-T-A-R who’s a star, I am a star!

     S=Safety matters

     T=Try your best

     A=Accept responsibility

     R=Respect others

     Be a STAR!!!