Deer Meadow Literacy Collaborative

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 The GCSC Literacy Framework is modeled after the Primary Literacy Collaborative model, a research-based, school-wide, long-term, professional development program that focuses on the successful literacy of every child. It provides a comprehensive language and literacy program that is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students.

Teachers are trained and coached in all components of the framework.

 Components of the Literacy Network framework include:

Reading Instruction

 Interactive Read Aloud and Shared Reading 


Managed Independent Learning Stations

Guided Reading (providing small groups for prescriptive instruction)


Comprehension and Fluency Instruction

Independent Reading Time

ind. reading

Word Work with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction

Summative and Formative Assessment (used to guide instruction)


Writing Instruction

 Writing Workshop Approach

Shared and Interactive Writing


6 Trait Instruction

Writing Response to Reading (to reinforce comprehension)